The team

Cafe Manzi's is owned by Stephanie and Brian Manzi. Brian has been cooking since he was a teenager and has worked in many establishments including the opening of the Flying Rhyno in Worcester and his own restaurant which he owned with his father Bill Manzi, Manzi's Village Cafe which closed in 2003. Brian is dedicated to his work and wants to satisfy each customer and make sure they leave our restaurant with a full stomach and a smile on their face as well as the desire to come back again.
Stephanie & Brian

Our staff at Manzi's are made up of mostly family and some close friends of the owners. This is something that we intended on when we decided to open a restaurant. We want to maintain our cafe as a family friendly establishment because we like how that feels when we go out to eat. We would like for all of our staff as well as our customers to feel comfortable at our cafe each and every time they are there.

Full Time Staff:

                                                        CJ, Brian's younger brother; cook.

                                                      Leanne, Brian's younger sister, waitress

                                   Brian T; dishwasher and cook (Panichillada Challenge FAIL #2)

Part Time Staff:

                                                               Bill, Brian's father; cook

                                         Andrea, Brian's youngest sister; bus person, waitress

Michael,  Stephanie's cousin; dishwasher, bus person

                          "Little" Brian, Brian's nephew (Leanne's oldest son); bus person, dishwasher

We would like to take this page to give a special THANK YOU to our hard working staff as well as our amazing supportive families. Each and every one of you make Cafe Manzi's a better restaurant for us as owners as well as for each and every one of our loyal customers.